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Success Stories from the H.O.P.E. Project
Brittany Grant, Class of 2015 - CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+
Tier 2 DeskTop Support 
Derrick Johnson, Classs of 2014 - CompTIA A+, Security+
Tier 2 Desktop Support
Dominic Sheridan 2011 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Dominic was introduced to the H.O.P.E. Project by his neighbor, Inez Davis.  Ms. Davis encouraged him to apply and he finally did.  Dominic was unemployed when he entered the program and made a commitment to himself to become an outstanding technical support professional.  Dominic has held several I.T. Helpdek positions, he has worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in their I.T. Security Division and he currently works at the US Patent and Trade as an DeskTop Support Analyst.
Domonique Thomas 2010 H.O.P.E. Project  - Student of the Year
Prior to joining the H.O.P.E. Project, Domonique was unemployed for 7 months.  She is currently employed as a program assistant at Battelle, the world's largest independent research and development organization.  As a H.O.P.E. Project student, Domonique consistently scored very high on all quizzes and tests.  In addition, she had excellent attendance and served as the program spokesperson for special events.  Domonique lives in Prince Georges County, Maryland, with her daughter Niyah.
Dayna Siler 2010 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Dayna attended a H.O.P.E. Project information Session at a local KFC Restaurant.  At the time she was working at the nationals ballpark selling hotdogs.  After completing the program she landed a job at HP Enterprise Services working on their Dept. of Defense contract.  After spending 8 months there she was contacted by a recruiter to apply for a new position with   Dayna aced the interview and now works for Mindbank.
Syrika Powell 2011 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Syrika is the mother of two, she delivered her second child 5 months into the program.  She missed only a few sessions.  Syrika was named the Student Ambassador of the Year for her tireless work ethic and commitment to share the H.O.P.E. Project program with the community.  She is a dedicated volunteer of our senior citizens computer training classes.  Syrika recently accepted an offer with RCG Inc.  Her new position is a Help Desk Support Analyst.  Syrika is a  Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist specializing in Sharepoint.
Brandon Glasker 2011 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Brandon Glasker is currently working at the Food and Drug Administration as a Help Desk Analyst.  This young man is a true program Ambassador.  Brandon is an excellent technical support professional, he currently holds two certifications; CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist specializing in Sharepoint.
Segfried Smith 2011 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Prior to joining the H.O.P.E. Project, Segfried was considering several career options, he decided on information technology.  Since his decision he has become a sponge.  Segfried maintain excellent grades and attendance during the program and has since started an I.T. consulting business supporting two clients, DefCharge Networks and ShareTech Solutions.  Segfried has continued to stay connected with the program and has served as a teachers assistant during our SharePoint Training.  He currently holds 4 certifications, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, specializing in Sharepoint, CompTIA A+, Network + and Security+ Certification.   
Deryle Foxworth 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Deryle relocated from Greensboro NC, to enroll in the H.O.P.E. Project.  After just a few weeks of training Deryle was hired on the spot, as a Customer Service Professional with a Northern Virginia based company that supports a Dept. of Homeland Security office in Washington DC. The position gives him a security clearance which will be very helpful when he completes his H.O.P.E. Project training.  Additionally Deryle recently accepted a second position with MIL Corporation to work on the Help Desk.
Kelvin Proctor 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Kelvin is currently the Number 1, H.O.P.E. Project student for the class of 2012.  He has a 90.13 GPA.  Kelvin recently accepted  a position with a Northern Virginia based company that supports a Dept. of Homeland Security office in Washington DC.  Kelvin was selected for the position although 50 other applicants were interviewed. Kelvin said the H.O.P.E. Project training properly prepared him for the interview, his confidence was very high going in and they hired him.
Sonya Davis 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate 
Sonya is a career transition student, her background is in financial services. Sonya has spent many years with several Credit Unions working as a teller and member service representative.  Sonya is a top student, she interviewed with MIL Corporation, to fill a opening. 2 hours after the interview she had an offer letter.  Sonya is now a Help Desk Analyst at the Dept. of Commerce working on a contract with MIL Corporation.
Jasmine Middelton 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate 
Jasmine is the H.O.P.E. Project's youngest student to land a position as a Help Desk Professional.  Although she recently turned 21 she recently accepted an offer with MIL Corporation to work on the Help Desk.  She will be supporting clients all over the world.  Jasmine is a top student scoring very high marks on the end of our first phase final exam.
Alyssia Suarez 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate 
Alyssia applied to become a H.O.P.E. Project student after her mother introduced the program to her.  She attended our August 10th Information Session along with 90 other applicants.  She has consistently improved each week with her test scores and program projects.  She recently managed a team project that required building a customer SharePoint website for a Real Estate company.  She killed the presentation and did an excellent job managing the team.  She recently accepted an offer with a firm in Herndon VA.
Jason Goff 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate 
Jason is a former electrician turned I.T. Professional.  Jason was introcuced to the H.O.P.E. Project through word of mouth. He found out about the program just in time to apply at the November 8th Information Session.  Although Jason started the program in November, he has accepted an offer with MIL Corporation.  Jason currently has the CompTIA A+ certification.
Tishia Nelson 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate 
Tishia is one of the few students to enroll with an existing certification.  Tishia holds the very coveted HDI Help Desk Analyst Certification.  Tishia applied at our special information session held at Matthew Memorial Baptist Church.  Tishia was selected for one of nine coveted slots, out of 118 applicants. Tishia recently accepted a positon with MIL Corporation as a Help Desk Analyst. 
Kaneisha Page 2011 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Kaneisha is a true inspiration, she entered the H.O.P.E. Project program without a High School diploma, she has since earned her GED.  Kaneisha is currently employed with George Washington University as a Program Analyst.  She is responsible for the technical management of the school Simplicity System along with many other duties.  Kaneisha is studying for her CompTIA A+ and is considering pursuing the new CompTIA Healthcare IT certification.
Domonique Hogan 2011 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Although he is only 18, Domonique has accepted an offer of employment from one of the largest IT companies in the country, HP Entreprise Services.  Mr. Hogan is currently studying for his CompTIA A+ certification.
Darnell Lee 2011 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Darnell is a great example of perserverance.  Darnell did not get an offer for employment as quickly as some of his classmates, but he stayed committed to the industry and has now begun a career as a Help Desk Analyst with HP Entreprise Services.
Marcus Powell 2012 H.O.P.E. Project Graduate
Meet Marcus Powell, a very focused and humble young man.  Marcus has grown up and become a true professional.  He is a H.O.P.E. Project Student Ambassador.  In that role he travels throughout the DMV educating other young people about the importance of specialized training and certification.  Marcus recently accepted an offer from Human Touch LLC, to support their contract with Food and Drug Administartion, as a Tier 1 Help Desk Analyst.
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