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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to live in the District of Columbia to participate in the HOPE Project?
A: Yes, we recently decided to focus our attention on DC residents.

Q:  How much does it cost to participate in the HOPE Project?
A:  The HOPE Project is a free program for DC residents, the program is funded by our partners, DC Dept. of Employment Services and Community College Preparatory Academy.

Q:  What's the age limit to apply?
A:  You must be at least 18.  

Q:  Do I need a High School Diploma or GED to apply?
A:  Yes you will need to have a High School Diploma or GED to apply.

Q:  I'm a returning citizen, can I apply?
A: Absolutely, we encourage you to apply.  Some of our most successful graduates are returning citizens.

Q:  What's the training schedule?
A:  Evening class meets, Monday thru Thursday evenings and one Saturday a month.  Class starts promptly at 6:30pm and ends at 9:30pm. A:  Day class meets, Monday thru Thursday.  Class starts promptly at 9:30pm and ends at 4:30pm. 

Q:  When does the program start?
A:  We offer classes throughout the year, join our mailing list ot be notified.

Q:  Can I really get a job making $40,000 a year without a college degree and no previous help desk experience?
A:  Yes, there are lots of graduates that have done it.  Visit the student success page on this website.

Q:  Does a HOPE Project student really make $100,000 a year, after working in a liquor store?
A:  Yes, his name is Brandon Craig, he also has earned 2 certifications, including the CompTIA CASP.

Q:  I'm only 18. Will someone hire me with very little work experience?
A:  Yes they will, we have several 18, 19 and 20 year old students who work for major government contractors all over the DC area.

Q:  Do you guarantee jobs to graduates?
A:  Absolutely not.  It's illegal for a training provider or program to guarantee employment.  We will guarantee that when you graduate you will be qualified for an entry level help desk position and we will work hard to help you land your first IT Help Desk job.

Q:  Do you have any attendance rules?
A:  Yes we do, students maintain 85% attendance.

Q:  What companies have hired HOPE Project graduates?
A:  Lots, MIL Corporation, HP Enterprise Services, Lockheed-martin, World Bank, CACI, CSRA and many others.  Visit the student success page for list of additional companies.

Q:  Where is the HOPE Project?
A:  Our training facility is on in Hillcrest, 3230 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington DC 20020.

Q:  Do you have a Job Developer?
A:  Nope, and we don't need one.  Our students are so skilled that once they post their profiles online, they get calls from companies and recruiters.

Q:  Who started the HOPE Project and why?
A:  The founder and administrator is Raymond Bell, follow him on social media, @raybelljr

Q:  Can I apply without attending the Information Session?
A:  Nope, you can only become a HOPE Project student if you attend the Information Session.
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